There are times in our life that we have to live behind walls or layers to protect ourselves from elements that are outside of our control. There truly are times when things occur that rock us to our very core. In those times, we stand there trying to cling to survival mode, all the while knowing we are not equipped to handle that very moment. The good thing about life is that it goes on and with it, situations change. One thing that at times does not translate into changing is the person we feel we had to be during those times. I believe one thing that everyone wants whether they know it or not is to grow and be successful. To reach this place at some point we have to re-evaluate the person we’ve had to be when we were living from the "protective" posture of the past? Being that person may have worked in the past, but we honestly have to answer the question of, “does being this way really benefit me now?” Life as we know it is a very precious thing. “Identifying Layers” will help us ask the difficult questions, such as, “how long should I expend time, money, and energy towards keeping certain layers up that no longer mean my future success any good?” The premise of my new book is that by facing our fears and identifying/acknowledging who we've become, then we can better determine which layers need to stay and which need to go. In doing so, we will have a better chance of living our lives at its maximum potential.